Armstrong Waterproof Laminate Flooring

The Most Durable Laminate Flooring on the Market

There isn’t one Armstrong floor product not made to be extra durable, which is why they continue to be an industry leader.

Audacity floors are made with impressive performance in mind. Compared to vinyl flooring, this floor will stand up to the worst wear and tear you can imagine. Whether you have a busy home or a business with excessive floor traffic, this is the floor to choose for any chaotic floor scenarios.

What makes it so popular with customers is it’s very kid and pet-friendly. Any scratches, stains, or impact issues are extra protected thanks to its extra stable core. As a result, maintenance is a lot easier to do.

It’s Water Resistant

No doubt you’ve heard plenty of terms like “waterproof” or “water resistant” and wondered what the difference is. Water resistant usually means withstanding basic moisture that often destroys real natural wood floors.

With Audacity floors, you get a water resistant surface based off the extra stable high-density core. This means when moisture hits the floor, it stays on the surface so it doesn’t seep into the edges. A multi-layer edge sealer is the secret to this if your floor frequently takes on moisture or you live in high-humid climates.

Keep in mind if you have a flood, you’ll generally have to replace your floor. However, moderate amounts of water on an Audacity floor will mean you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Easy to Clean, Low Maintenance

Having a stain-resistant floor like Audacity is important for any living or work environment. Since it takes so much time to clean up stains on other floors, the amount of time saved cleaning up a spill here will quickly be noticed.

All it takes to maintain an Audacity floor is simple wet-mopping or using a steam mop.

It’s worth remembering the floor will probably need cleaning after installation. Using a simple soft broom will help clean up any debris. Damp cloths can be used to help clean up any stains.

Always remember to clean up stains or moisture as soon as you can to avoid anything setting in.

These Floors Work in Any Room or Level

Any room with exposure to heavy foot traffic or moisture is suitable for Audacity floors. In homes, the most common place to use this is in bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms.

Don’t think a business can’t use this floor either. If your business happens to have daily foot traffic with customers tracking in water regularly, there isn’t a better choice.

Many also use this in other rooms of the house, like bedrooms. Thanks to giving the faux look of natural wood, you can basically use this floor throughout an entire home. Even living areas are common places to use it if you’re not crazy about using carpet.

Absorbs Sound

There’s nothing more annoying than having a noisy floor creating an echo every time someone walks on it. For a business, that’s a major annoyance. In a home, nothing has to be said.

Those purchasing Audacity floors will be able to enjoy a pre-attached sound absorbing pad 2mm thick. Whatever footwear you’re wearing, having sound absorption allows for a quiet floor, no matter how many times you have to walk on it.

When having kids and pets running back and forth on your floor at home, this is a gift from heaven. For a busy walkway in a local business, it’s a must to avoid annoying other customers or employees.

An Extra Stable Core for Faster Installation

If you’ve ever had the bad luck of having to face transitions between rooms when installing floors, Audacity will have you literally covered.

The extra stable core on these floors cover wide areas (up to 4,000 square feet!), meaning you can have a continuous look to your floor between rooms. More standard laminate floors can’t do that, nor vinyl.

In a large business, this is going to prevent fewer headaches dealing with the installation time. For a large, luxurious home, it’s the same.

Yes, these floors are made for the high-end market if you happen to be building a new, large home for your family. Now you won’t have to worry about delays in getting your floor installed in hours.

DIY Installation: Tight-Lock Click System

To elaborate further on the ease of installation, you should know Audacity floors use a tight-lock clicking system, making it simple to assemble on your own.

Always remember that if you’ve never installed a floor before, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional installer. Nevertheless, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to assemble the Audacity floor pieces.

Each piece comes with five times the contact points so you’re ensured you’ll always seal out moisture. Compared to regular laminate, that’s a major feature.

Now you know why this is considered the cream of the crop in luxury floors.

Get The Look of Natural Wood for Much Less Than Real Hardwood Flooring

The decorative paper used to provide the image of real hardwood on these floors is something to behold.

Even experts are usually fooled on the difference between these laminate floors and real wood materials. Better yet, it feels like real wood as well, making it all the more convincing.

Take some time to learn more about Audacity floors through Armstrong at our online store, Floor City.

We’re here to answer any additional questions about these products if you’re in the market for a more luxurious floor. We’ll still help save you money based on our attention to discounts without sacrificing quality.


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