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LVP Flooring Guide

What is LVP Flooring? No doubt some of you have seen abbreviations like LVP at flooring retail stores and wondered what this meant. In this case, LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl Planks, a type of durable vinyl flooring offering the look of real hardwood. While the vinyl planks are imitation hardwood, technological/imagery advancements of more …

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How to Stagger Vinyl Plank Flooring for a Smooth Installation

Why Staggering Planks is Important When laying any type of engineered or solid flooring, it is structurally and visually imperative that you stagger the ends in adjacent rows. Staggering keeps off distracting lines from running across the floor. It also keeps the boards intact to ensure they do not create gaps. Because vinyl plank flooring …

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What is Rubber Flooring made of? Tile, Sheet, Rolls, Base

What is Rubber Flooring? Most people ask what is rubber? Rubber flooring is made from either natural tree rubber or from synthetic materials like recycled vehicle tires. Due to rubbers low maintenance and durability this material allows homeowners an affordable rubber flooring option. Rubber Tiles are one of the sturdiest flooring materials on the market. They are …

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Roppe to 6 degrees crossovers

Roppe and 6 Degrees Crossover Color Chart

Roppe Rubber tile and Tread from Roppe  6 Degrees Compass Colors Vinyl Tile from Six Degrees Six Degrees division of Roppe Holdings Company. These two brands feature complimentary colors in rubber and vinyl flooring options, giving you the benefits of both with just one call to Floor City you can have both.

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How to Level Subfloor for Wood Flooring

Cleaning and leveling a subfloor before installing any type of flooring sometimes takes more work than the install. The reason being is that subfloors are often dirty and not completely level due to age and environmental factors. Laying down a hardwood floor is going to make preparing your subfloor all the more challenging. If the …

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