Best Color of Hardwood for Resale in 2020

Hardwood stain colors are what make up the true character of a home or business. While stain colors are usually basic, many customers have specific favorites they prefer to bring a certain aesthetic to a work or living space.

When deciding to sell your home, these finish colors also make a big difference in impressing buyers.

With finish being easy to buy, a new finish coat would do your hardwood floor well. Merely deciding on a new hardwood finish this year without a house sale can do much to spruce up your living space.

Take a look at what most consumers are buying.

Dark Brown Finishes Have Become Very Popular

If lighter colors have made a comeback in hardwood floors this year, dark brown finishes have pretty much overridden that. Dark hardwood surfaces have become the norm recently, something most house sellers also use.

Sources like Elle Décor noted this last year about how warmer tones like cool brown walnut and dark charcoal are becoming chic in many homes and businesses. Of course, using a finish tops off the natural hardwood colors.

Dark Walnut has become a big seller as a tad lighter color. Going the latter route is usually the compromise when it comes to finding a middle ground between dark and light.

Since browns are always the ones consumers pick first, it’s a choice you can never go wrong using if having trouble making a decision. One thing about using light or dark brown finish is it always brings a classier vibe to a home. When wanting to make your home look a little more upscale for a sale, brown is the best go-to.

Natural, Light-Colored Finishes Are a Great Alternative

Some homeowners are just leaving the hardwood natural and refraining from using a dark finish. In this case, it leaves the lighter color of the natural wood exposed.

Home buyers may prefer this so they can add their own finish when moving in. However, it’s a little riskier due to the color the natural wood may turn into.

All of this depends on what kind of polyurethane coating the wood had. Oil-based polyurethane is known for making hardwood turn a slight shade of yellow. Considering this look is very unpopular when trying to sell a home, it’s better to stick with water-based polyurethane as your finish.

Experts usually recommend products like Bona Traffic HD to keep your hardwood from looking aged.

The Popularity of Matte Finishes

Remember the day when high-gloss hardwood floors were so mainstream? These have gone out of style because they almost turn floors into mirrors.

Yes, overly reflective floor surfaces are going to make dirt and dust show up more, a major problem if wanting to make a good impression to a house buyer.

Sources like Architectural Digest have forwarded the idea that matte finishes should be in more common use. As they said back in 2018:

Thanks perhaps to the Scandinavians (and a bit of good old-fashioned practicality), matte wood finishes are taking over. For one, there’s the natural look: buffed, understated, more about showing off the grain itself than giving them a plastic-like coating.

Using oil or water-based poly for a matte finish will offer a very popular color that catches any eye. The second runner up to matte is generally satin.

What About Colors to Avoid?

Most hardwood finish colors are neutral colors and not bright. This isn’t to say reds and oranges aren’t used often in finishes. Latter are ones to avoid because these colors are sometimes harder to decorate with when doing color matching.

Grey may be popular in many homes, yet because of how ubiquitous it is, it’s best to avoid that as well.

If using an outdated finish color (like yellow), picking another finish to overcoat it can be done quickly with the right flooring company helping. It’s possible to find finishes for discount prices at places like Floor City where an expert staff can guide you through applying the coating yourself.


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