Clean Carpets, Upholstery to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus COVID-19

As COVID-19 disrupts everything within our world, it also brings a lot of confusion on cleaning methods to protect from the virus. While tutorials have been plentiful about proper hand washing and disinfecting surfaces, what about carpet and upholstery?

It’s worth remembering the virus could be tracked onto your carpet, couch, or chair if you have droplets on your clothes or shoes.

Medical professionals still debate about how long the virus lasts on surfaces. Nevertheless, take a look at what professionals are saying about how to safely clean carpets and upholstery during this uncertain time.

How Long Could COVID-19 Really Last On Your Carpet?

Maybe some will argue having COVID-19 on their carpet won’t matter if they don’t have kids or pets in the house. This could still be a problem from merely walking on your floor yourself. After all, even if removing your shoes, your socks or clothing could pick up the virus, hence tracking it into your bed, couch, plus many other household locations.

With the CDC saying the virus could last up to several days on some surfaces, it’s a smart plan to clean your carpet out of precaution.

Besides, it’s a must if you do have children or pets. As anyone with children knows, they spend a lot of time on the floor playing. While pets aren’t yet known to acquire COVID-19, no one should take chances.

Some useful tips are available on how to go about cleaning your carpet and upholstery without ruining them. Obviously, pouring soap on a carpet or couch isn’t exactly preferable for immediate cleaning.

Two Recommended Products for Cleaning Your Carpets

Not everyone chooses to buy carpets for their homes, yet it’s certainly not extinct. If hardwood has become more mainstream in homes lately, carpet is still found in many living areas and businesses.

The virus could very well be lurking there, leading to wide-ranging questions on how to properly sanitize it.

Oregon Live recently recommended two vital cleaning products to clean a carpet thoroughly:

  • Purell Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray is reportedly very effective toward cleaning carpets from viruses. While widely sold out at the moment, those lucky enough to have some in their household will find this just as useful as Purell hand sanitizer. It kills most viruses in 30 seconds upon spray contact.
  • Another good product is Sani-Spritz Spray working similarly to Purell. Yes, this (and most sanitizer sprays) are sold out. However, it pays to look in your bathroom or kitchen cupboards to see if you have this already available. Chances are, you might have it and never thought about using it until now.

Of course, your carpet will only be a start. What about your couch if spending a lot of time napping there during the quarantine?

Concocting Your Own Disinfectant Spray to Use On Upholstery

It’s said simple liquid dish detergent is all that’s needed to kill COVID-19 off hands.

Those concerned about the virus being on upholstery (couch or chairs) can simply mix up liquid dish detergent with some water in a spray bottle. Spray this on your upholstery, then wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

Then you can either let it dry on its own, or wipe with a clean cloth. This may help kill germs if doing excessive couch potato activities while indoors.

Keep in mind hardwood floors may need an extra cleaning step. Mixing distilled white vinegar with water will usually do the trick when applied to a mop.

As ABC News recently noted, these cleaning tips might not eradicate the virus completely. “Deep cleaning” away the virus has no definitive proof to work thoroughly, if still better than not doing anything at all. Most importantly, good hygiene on your hands is essential if spending any extra time on your floor or couch.


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