COREtec Flooring Reviews 2020

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There isn’t a more luxurious flooring brand around than COREtec flooring, which manufacturers luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). The reason this brand costs more is because it’s known for being extra durable and waterproof.

Plus, it has some of the most beautiful designs in the flooring industry. Thanks to some special features, it’s even soft to walk on, despite looking like real hardwood.

To better understand why it’s worth investing in COREtec flooring, take a minute to read a review about its numerous lines of products.

This focuses on their most popular product arms: COREtec Pro and Pro Plus Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tiles.

A Look at COREtec Plus LVP and LVT

What customers really like about the Plus line is the use of a Wood Polymer Core, adding more stability to the planks or tile. If you have any subfloor imperfections, this will come in handy and make the floor sturdier to walk on.

With 12 to 20 mil wear layers, it’s very thick and holds up under any type of foot traffic. It’s no wonder that homes and businesses are choosing COREtec products more often.

Under the Plus line, it’s possible to get 11 different subcategories of products. Each one adheres to specific measurement and wood pattern styles:

  • Enhanced Tile
  • COREtec One
  • Plus Tile
  • Five Plank
  • Enhanced Planks
  • Plus Seven
  • Plus Premium 7
  • Plus HD
  • Plus Premium 9
  • Plus XL Enhanced
  • Plus XL

Enhanced Planks have become one of the top sellers in the country recently and offer 16 pieces per box. Thanks to a 20 mil wear layer, this is truly top of the line and an improvement on any hardwood vinyl planks of the past.

It can be installed either as a floating floor, or with direct glue.

A Look at COREtec’s Pro Collection

As another 100% waterproof floor, COREtec’s Pro products are a further step up in quality. Using a Solid Polymer Core, these are made for places that get the heaviest foot traffic.

Yes, think places like schools, malls, or hospitals. Home is also essential if having many kids and pets running around 24/7.

Along with the Plus lines above, these planks and tiles offer superior cleaning ability so maintenance doesn’t become a burden. Stain resistance is even stronger in this line, making it perfect for kitchens where spills are inevitable.

These are some of the rare floors designed for the home and for commercial businesses. Latter have been using the Pro and Plus lines often since both are rated high for commercial traffic.

Seven subcategories of floor products exist under the Pro collection:

  • Pro Plus
  • Pro Plus Enhanced
  • Pro Plus XL
  • Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD
  • Pro Plus XL Enhanced
  • Pro Plus Enhanced Tiles
  • Pro Plus Enhanced Planks

Along with the Plus line, the Enhanced Plank products are selling fast. With 12 pieces per box, these products can sometimes run over $100, though often sell below standard price when finding discount stores.

Thanks to fitting over virtually any type of subfloor, the planks and tile are guaranteed to hold up through a 15-year heavy commercial warranty.

How Sustainable is COREtec Flooring?

Since environmentally friendly flooring is what the majority of business owners and homeowners want nowadays, COREtec more than lives up to this 21st century demand.

Each product line offers GreenGuard certifications to give assurance they use the best in sustainable practices. The company uses recycled wood in the production of each plank and tile, making them another eco-friendly flooring leader.

Floorscore also gives them a high score, which means you don’t have to worry about high VOC emissions.

From an overall review standpoint, COREtec is the greatest example of living up to its more luxurious price. While more expensive, the durability will more than pay for itself over time.

In addition, their floors are the most comfortable to walk on due to a specialized cork pad underlayment. Sound control with this pad will make a big difference in noisy business or home environments.


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