Floor Colors in Style for 2020

Finding the right color of floor for a business is akin to buying the right color of car or clothing. What that color says about you and your business determines how well customers positively perceive your brand.

Color is continually important in marketing, with science proving it alters behavior. It’s all the more reason to take seriously what kind of floor color you’ll use in a business, or at home.

What are some of the trendiest for 2020? Take a look at this list of ones most in style based on aesthetic preferences from customers.

Lighter Wood Colors

According to Elle Décor, one of the top hardwood floor colors popular this year is European White Oak.

Lighter wood colors are moving up to the top, probably because of how much warmth they bring to any space. Plus, it brings out organic floor texture, something customers always notice.

On a psychological level, lighter floor colors are going to brighten any room and make it feel larger. For a business wanting to set an upbeat mood, this might be the best bet of the year.

However, the contrast in color is somewhat wide this year, including a few lighter variations.

Some Lighter Color Trends Will Be Whitewash

Most dark floors are starting to become passé this year after being in last year. Many color extremes were the trend in 2019, proving one year to the next can often bring polar opposite ideas. Plus, it’s worth considering darker colors do make light dirt and pet hair show up more.

Since lighter colors are in, one of the most popular will be the whitewash look. Perhaps it’s the times being the reason behind this trend. Still, going with even brighter colors can make any business or home look more inviting.

At a time when Coronavirus (COVID-19) is shutting down many businesses, the idea of using lighter colors to eventually welcome people back seems apropos.

Not that lighter colors are the only floor trend going. When it comes to floor colors, variations mean still staying light through warmer tones.

A Combination of Grey and Beige

There seems to be a trend lately toward customers wanting grey-colored floors mixed with a little beige. Some people are calling this “Greige”, a term catching on in the flooring industry.

Grey has been a popular floor color for a number of years now. Over time, though, and with the advent toward going lighter, adding another color to create a new tone was bound to happen.

Warmer colors are definitely in as part of the “lighter” category. Adding the Greige look brings a compromise between the lighter and middle tone color range.

For hardwood floors, this look is stunning and always stands out in any room. It fits in well with natural finished hardwoods so many customers want nowadays.

Honey Wood Colors

Mid-range colors are still selling well since they always lighten business or living environments. Honey Wood has become almost as popular as grey.

Using this color is the ultimate compromise in going lighter, if still providing a warm tone many homes and businesses prefer.

Since this is a natural color, many natural wood flooring products utilize this. Expect this one to become a classic color throughout the 2020s.

High Variation Colors

Many customers are wanting the original colors of natural wood.  Being able to do that a decade ago wasn’t always possible without having planks looking all one color rather than varied.

Better flooring technology allows high variation colors to take place so the natural look of varied wood color can permeate a room. Using high variation means the floor becomes a mix of lighter, mid-range, and darker planks for a unique blend.

Using a mixed wood color won’t affect the durability of these floor products. When buying from us at Floor City, you’re guaranteed the best quality brands with excellent durability, and affordability.


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