Flooring Trends for 2020

Looking for the trendiest floor may not always suit every customer based on personal preferences. Nevertheless, when shopping new floors for the first time, seeing what’s trending worldwide can be a big help.

Flooring trends always fluctuate annually when customers find certain types of products more appealing over others. Trends for this year are slightly different from last, if one floor type staying consistent.

The #1 floor trend isn’t surprising considering how endlessly durable it is, as well as being the most diverse.

Terrazzo Style

As one of the best floors for environmental awareness, Terrazzo style has come back into vogue for this year. Sources like Realtor.com have noted this recently, including mentioning how it’s an older floor concept suddenly gone modern.

Made of organic materials like stone and crushed glass, it’s all embedded into concrete. Then it’s polished to give off its unique aesthetic.

It covers wide spaces and used to be seen often in older buildings around the middle part of the 20th century. As retro as it might look at times, numerous trendy colors and patterns are available now.

As businesses start to focus on more eco-friendly floors and other design elements, this will probably continue trending for years beyond 2020.

Patterned Wood Layouts

Wood laminate floors are still very popular and always in the top five flooring trends. For years, the patterns of wood planks have often been one consistent type.

This year, more customers are starting to shop for patterned wood layouts to offer a little more variety.

In a business that wants to design itself in a way standing alone from competitors, patterned woods are the perfect consideration. Many of the patterns can also help train the eye to certain sections of a store or at home.

Floor patterns really do matter in how they liven up a room and make people feel. No wonder many floor shoppers now gravitate to more patterned varieties.

Distressed Wood

The look of aged wood in a floor has become a popular new decorative style in the last year. Expect to see more distressed wood floor products selling faster as a result.

Not everyone will go for this, but the rustic aesthetic has become a growing favorite over the last few years. Of course, distressed wood just gives the imitation of an aging, rustic floor.

All products have specific aging processes to make it look this way. In many cases, it involves detailed craftsman skill like scraping the edges or brushing to make the surface look worn.

More homeowners are starting to want this type of floor as much as businesses do. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean living in rustic environments either. Having this floor in just a normal suburban house can add a lot of character if wanting the feel of residing in a log cabin.

Waterproof Laminate

Ever since it became a new type of flooring, waterproof laminate has been trending every year in the Top Five. Now it just keeps rising in a time when more people want protective flooring due to volatile weather and other conditions.

For a business, laminate flooring just makes sense to protect the floor from damage. Water can be tracked in by customers, or due to a nearby flood. Or, a flood could occur due to a plumbing problem or other unfortunate man-made accident.

Armstrong’s Audacity flooring is one of the best examples of waterproof laminate on the market today in offering water resistance.

Vinyl Flooring (LVT and LVP)

Once again, vinyl is top in the floor trends field for 2020. There isn’t any secret why. It’s durable, affordable, and usually has numerous features like waterproof qualities.

Those terms of LVT and LVP stand for Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Planks. These product styles help bring diversity to the type of vinyl floor needed at home or in business.

With vinyl planks, a convincing look of real hardwood is offered. Using vinyl tile gives a more classic tile floor along with natural-looking materials.

Both are easy to install and available through myriad quality product lines like Armstrong. Shopping online through outlets like Floor City will net you more affordability in buying a vinyl floor with a knowledgeable staff to help.


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