How much do you tip floor installers in 2020

Tipping anybody for a job well done should always be a prerequisite of life. Not that everyone believes tipping for everything is necessary. In the case of floor installers, a lot of confusion abounds on whether they should be tipped, or if not needed based on their hourly rates.

To fully answer this, it requires a look around at other online opinions. Some people agree they should be tipped, and others think not. Within the group who do believe in tipping, differing views on how much they should be tipped are there.

Take a look yourself to help you make the best decision when your next floor installer makes a visit.

It’s OK, Not to Tip Independent Contractors

According to most experts who’ve covered floor installer tipping, an independent contractor doing all the installer work themselves are already getting paid well. It’s not really necessary to tip them. When it might be a good idea is if there is something extra you’ve added to the project like moving a heavy rug, large cabinet or re-stretching a carpet. Although most laminate, vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile installations go very smooth; there are some issues that arrise with prep-work. When you feel that the installer went above and beyond it’s always something to consider a tip at the end and why you’re giving them one.

Tipping on ceramic tile, hardwood or luxurious flooring installation isn’t really necessary as they are already charging for their time and expertise. You could still tip and if they say no thank you, don’t be shocked. Some companies frown upon the expected tip when it comes to construction.

Employees of flooring companies doing all the hard installing work sometimes get very little compensation. They’re the ones to consider giving tips to, even though some caveats exist to this. From the outset, it’s generally acceptable to tip installer employees around $20 per person per day.

Just say, it’s not much but that you wanted to give them something for a job well-done.

What’s most interesting here is even some professional floor installers disagree about receiving tips. In some cases, it’s more about respect than cash.

Building a Business Relationship

As Angie’s List notes, independent floor installers doing the work themselves usually requires building a business relationship with their customers. They prefer this over tipping because they already get paid enough and not always doing extra things like a maid or waiter would do.

The only time this would differ would be if the floor installer does an extra job as not part of their usual routine. For instance, maybe they helped move furniture in the room, or helped clean up the area if you didn’t do it yourself beforehand.

When those extras occur, and it’s especially a paid employee working on the clock, it’s always great to tip as big as possible.

Most of the time, though, the above business relationship floor installers have with clients means just gaining good graces. Complimenting them on their work is sometimes more than enough. Although there is one thing floor installers prefer more than anything else.

Keeping Your Bathroom Open is Often the Best Tip of All

If you immediately thought of “going to the bathroom” above, you’re right. Most floor installers appreciate it when households make their bathrooms available at all times since nature always calls.

Some floor installing jobs take a full day, if not even a couple of days, depending on how large the home is.

Always make your bathroom accessible to them, and they’ll look at that as the best alternative to tips. Anything else might involve common courtesy of you moving furniture yourself, or even providing snacks for the installers.

During times when installers work extra long hours to get the job done faster, or when the weather’s hot, offering food and drinks is always a kind gesture. Even then, some people believe in always tipping, no matter what job category the worker falls under.

Flooring Installers Have to Pay for Supplies, So Tipping is Appreciated

When extra flooring installing tools are needed, installers often have to pay for them themselves to get the job done on time. Gas bills can also be expensive in traveling to a person’s home. Part of this involves hauling the old flooring away if part of their service.

When putting this into proper context, it makes tipping all the more top of mind. If it’s true no one has to tip for any kind of service, more and more people are starting to express how important it is to tip floor installers as well. A lot of this comes from those who’ve done installing themselves and realize how tough it sometimes is.

In situations where you’re not sure whether they’d appreciate it, simply asking if it’s ok beforehand is more than suitable. Most probably wouldn’t turn down a tip if you make it clear you intend to.


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