How to Clean Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors continue to be a popular seller, mainly because they’re so durable and affordable. Even though they can withstand considerable floor traffic, they can’t magically maintain themselves when spills occur.

While many brands are stain resistant, some stains can set in without some practical cleaning tips.

The good news is you don’t need to hire a professional floor cleaner to be successful at maintaining your floor. Some practical cleaning solutions are doable, outside of a few more elaborated steps for fighting tougher stains.

Most importantly, a few cleaning tips you might have heard about may not be the best solutions.

Your Once Per Week Cleaning Plan

Just about every type of floor material needs a regular cleaning schedule. Depending on how much floor traffic you get on your vinyl floor, you’ll want to at least clean once a week.

Cleaning for basic dust and dirt is a given since it’s going to keep accumulating, no matter if you live by yourself. To do that, simply buy and use a dry mop or vacuum to pick up all dirt and hair. With the vacuum, be sure to not use one with a beater bar to avoid floor surface damage.

When you spill something, simply wiping it up with a damp paper towel will prevent it from setting in. However, some spills might not be readily noticed. If having pets or kids in the house, you know what this means.

You may discover an unfortunate stain left behind that was in a hidden spot for several days or a week. What do you do then? Some basic cleaning solutions can be concocted from ordinary kitchen items.

Using Baking Soda as a Floor-Cleaning Solution

Yes, it seems baking soda is useful for a lot more than the title it was given. One could even argue its real purpose was as a cleaning agent rather than preventing odors in refrigerators or helping acid reflux.

Many people mix baking soda with water to create a stain-fighting paste for floors. Applying this to a stubborn stain on your vinyl floor won’t cause any damage and usually has a high success rate. Simply apply the paste, and then use a soft rag to wipe until the stain is removed.

A damp cloth is all you need to remove the baking soda residue left over on the floor.

Just remember that if deciding to go with a name-brand cleaning solution, make sure it has no ammonia in the product. Abrasive chemicals and detergents only bring damage to the floor and make the surface look dull.

Other Household Items You Can Use as Cleaners

It’s not just baking soda you can use. Other common items you probably have in your bathroom or kitchen cupboard work on tougher stains.

One is apple cider vinegar, something recommended by none other than the legendary Bob Vila. He’s not the only one who realized what this does to help remove numerous kinds of vinyl floor stains.

You have to apply the vinegar with some hot water, of course. Thanks to the acid in the vinegar, it has a little more oomph in picking up grime and other types of dirt. Apply this cleaning solution with a damp mop.

White vinegar is also good to add if you want to disinfect your floor at the same time. When it’s all about cleaning up a pet stain, this is important if you have kids playing on the floor often.

Do You Really a Cleaning Solution for Every Vinyl Floor Stain?

This is a common question, and because it’s not usually answered, many people go and buy commercial cleaners with the chemicals. Not that you can’t buy certain cleaners designed specifically for vinyl floors. Pine-Sol is one good brand considered very safe.

Regardless, it’s possible to use something as common as a bristle brush if you have no other cleaning solutions available. Make sure the brush is soft so it doesn’t cause any scratches.

By mixing up some of the basic solvents above, using the brush will work well in removing some of the worst stains like ink. If common items like nail polish remover can work as well, baking soda is still the most comprehensive. Considering latter removes things like grape juice and ketchup stains, never forget to keep a box of baking soda around at the ready.


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