Most Popular Flooring for 2020

Examining flooring trends can occasionally encompass some grey areas in different flooring categories. No, we don’t mean grey-colored floors, even if those are often on the trending list.

Flooring types are more specific and show what consumers are really buying out there. Most basic types of flooring are usually whittled down to a Top Five, if usually fluctuating yearly on which is most preferred.

For 2020, a few change-ups have occurred. Most of the essentials are still there, if giving you a good buying guide on what others consider the best for their business/homes.

#5: Carpet Tiles

The big reason behind carpet tile becoming so popular is because carpet has gone out of popularity with many. One good reason is carpet tile feels soft, if still categorized as a hard surface.

Homeowners and businesses are starting to use carpet tiles in places they never before considered. This means use in family rooms and basements. Because basements are usually on concrete slabs, using carpet tile there will provide a softer feel when walking around.

These tiles are also very durable and come in various textures and styles. They even come in square pieces for an easy install. If one of those squares wears out, they’re easy to replace.

Thanks to being durable to foot traffic as well, expect to see carpet tile move further up the trending list.

#4: Vinyl Planks

Those who’ve used vinyl floors before know how durable vinyl is, including being waterproof. When flooring companies began evolving flooring technology to allow vinyl planks to look like real hardwood, floors were never the same again.

Suddenly, it became chic to buy this floor type, including because it uses a cork underlayment for foot comfort.

One thing to remember about vinyl planks is they’re essentially a floating floor, making installation easier than ever. If concerned about where to place these floors, the floating aspect makes it relatively simple to place over any underlayment.

Brands like Coretec Plus are known for innovating these planks and became mainstream through all other flooring manufacturers.

#3: Tile Planks

Some people prefer using tile, and they even come in plank form to look like real hardwood. They continue moving up the trends list each year and are big sellers again for 2020.

Like vinyl planks above, they’re made to be waterproof, making them worth using in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, or basements.

Advanced technology allows flooring companies to imprint the look of hardwood onto these tiles. Experts now have trouble discerning the difference between these and real wood. Considering they also feel like real wood, it’s easy to see why so many are fooled.

It’s made many people drop the idea of buying real hardwood and going for the vinyl or tile planks. These keep selling out in the consumer market, but stock is always available.

#2: Linoleum

HGTV recently made a major revelation: Linoleum is making a comeback in homes and businesses. Now you see why it’s moved up so far on the trending list.

Several good reasons exist for this floor classic having a resurgence. Linoleum is made of natural materials, it’s affordable, and it lasts longer than any other type of floor.

Some people likely grew up with linoleum in their homes going back 60 years. In the 1960s, it was in common usage on kitchen/bathroom floors, though went out of fashion in later years.

Now it’s coming back as businesses and families look for affordable flooring options. Sheet roll linoleum is a newer option for covering wider floor spaces.

#1: Eco-Friendly Floors

With environmental awareness now at a fever pitch around the world, eco-friendly floors are at the top of most trend lists.

To be more specific, eco-friendly tiles have really grown in popularity. Armstrong is a major leader and manufacturer in these using green production techniques.

As “bio-based” tiles, they’re made of all recycled materials and don’t emit any harmful chemicals. When having to be around these floors all day in a business or at home, environmental safety at this level always brings peace of mind.

All floors listed here are going to go up and down on the trend list into 2021. However, expect eco-friendly floor options to stay at the very top indefinitely.


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