What is Rubber Flooring made of? Tile, Sheet, Rolls, Base

What is Rubber Flooring?

Most people ask what is rubber? Rubber flooring is made from either natural tree rubber or from synthetic materials like recycled vehicle tires. Due to rubbers low maintenance and durability this material allows homeowners an affordable rubber flooring option. Rubber Tiles are one of the sturdiest flooring materials on the market. They are virtually impervious to water, naturally resist stains, and are resilient to scuffing. Commercial rubber flooring was originally engineered for extremely high-traffic public areas that thousands of people walk on daily.

Rubber flooring is naturally slip resistant, shock absorbent, naturally acoustic, and a truly sustainable product. Why choose Rubber? Rubber flooring experts say people are happiest when they feel safe and comfortable! Over time, rubber flooring offers greater resource efficiency than many other materials.

Part of an integrated system of finishing borders (rubber wall base), accessories and stair treads, rubber flooring balances function with aesthetics. And works right along with linoleumvinyl and specialty flooring to create spaces that work individually to keep people happiest, yet flows together to function as a whole. Rubber floors make it an attractive option for personalized flooring applications, in spaces such as schools, retail areas, museums and more

Entrance Flooring

Entrance flooring is fundamental to modern building design. A well designed entrance flooring system will prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in and thereby prolonges the life of interior flooring, reduces cleaning & maintenance costs and the potential for slip injuries.


If you’ve ever worked at a packing table or on an assembly line, you know how tired your feet and legs get. Anti-fatigue mats are mats designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface (e.g., cement floors). Fatigue-reducing mats can be made of various materials including rubber, carpeting materials, vinyl, and wood.

Commercial Use

Long hours in food and bar duties lead to fatigue and discomfort from standing on hard floors and old hard matting. Bar Mats can be trimmed on-site to accommodate many liquid drainage needs.


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